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Noise reduction and light

Reverberation occurs when sound waves are reflected from hard surfaces, such as ceilings, walls and windows, which can cause echoes and sound distortion. It is one of the main factors when evaluating the acoustics in a room.

The sound-absorbing qualities Soli-Shhh panels are tested in a certified facility, a reverberation room, equipped with microphones and sound sources.

Reverberation time is expressed in seconds. An empty space will easily have a reverberation time of over 3 seconds, an uncomfortable acoustic situation, where it is harder to understand a speaker or to focus, due to noise.

In this example we work with Soli-Shhh panels with a 90 cm diameter, pended at 50 cm from the ceiling. By adding 6 of these panels, the reverberation time in the office space is brought back to 0.92, under 1 second, for a comfortable acoustic situation.

“Numerous environmental factors directly affect our wellbeing and our health, including light, sound, scent, air quality and temperature. With the Soliscape system, we have combined two of these facets – sound and light – to create sensory ‘interior landscapes’ that can support people in their daily activities. Soliscape can also connect to systems already in place to improve the other key environmental factors.”

Ben van Berkel



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