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A Design Studio is an award-winning lighting design and manufacturing practice, led by Alex Fitzpatrick. The studio is based in Sydney, Australia, and distributes internationally. The studio’s collections reveal a distinctly expressive approach to transforming space with light, using both traditional skills (glassblowing and metalworking) and contemporary lighting and manufacturing technologies, to find a perfect balance between the scientific and the poetic.

As a design-focus practice, ADesignStudio, works with lighting designers, architects and interior designers to create customisations within the product range for larger projects.

The poetic aspects of light are important. The objects we choose to live among, in our homes and workplaces, appeal to us for reasons that extend beyond function. A light can do just that: light a room or a page in a book. It can also be a memory of the way sunlight filters through the canopy of a grove of trees, or the experience of coming upon a bright patch of tropical bougainvillea in a city street; or it may contain a subtle allusion to an early colonial lighthouse and its convict architect. Or it may simply create, through the skills of a glass artist, a perfect space for contemplation by enveloping a reader in a pool of dappled illumination.

Featured Products

ADesignStudio lighting collections

Click on the images below to view the lighting products from Sydney, Australia.