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Roger Pradier

Logo of Roger Pradier designer LED Lighting from Paris, France

Faithful to its tradition spanning more than 100 years, Roger Pradier of France continues to work with unrelenting passion and dedication to light up your everyday outside spaces.


Unique expertise in metalwork: aluminium and
its 25-year anti-corrosion warranty, stainless steel, copper, brass and others...

Expert knowledge in all the manufacturing processes: spinning, bending, drawing and folding, surface finishing, assembly, quality control.


An innovative research and design department for whom rain, hail or shine all play a role in stimulating creation.

Playing with light is understanding shadow, contrast, diffusion, and therefore creating the possibility of unique aesthetics. By observing its effects on natural or urban elements, light helps to better control volumes and proportions.

Roger Pradier products were created to showcase life: to evolve in all circumstances, to bring together or take distance, diminish or magnify. 

Rendering remarkable aesthetics,  high-performance features and a credible long-term guarantee. This triad of excellence is only possible if based on a threefold expectation: unrivalled know-how, high quality manufacture and a creative obsession.

ROGER PRADIER Outdoor Lighting