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A sign cuts through the air, a flag still, the night lights up.

A line becomes matter.

Penta Logo

A line becomes matter.

Technical data

Projecting applique with wall attachment, stem and diffuser in painted steel. A vertical element that is also the fulcrum of the rotation of the whole lamp, and an oblique element that moves away from the wall defining the opening angle of the diffuser and offering a gripping point, with a wooden finish, to move the lamp in space and to dim the light. Comes in ebony wood or matt black metal. 

Image of technical data for Glifo by Penta, Designer European LED Lighting from light establishment NZ
 Image of Penta LED lighting designers from Italy, exclusive to light establishment NZ.

About the designers

Valerio Sommella, Industrial Designer, boasts collaborations with brands such as Apple, Alessi, Honda and Panasonic.

After several years spent in prestigious studios between Milan and Amsterdam, since 2009 he has been working on projects ranging from lighting to furniture, from consumer electronics to accessories.

Anonima Luci, founded by Alberto Saggia and Stefania Kalogeropoulos, is a lighting design studio in Milan specializing in projects related to luxury retail, hospitality, residential and the world of art exhibitions. At the same time, the studio develops lighting fixtures, custom made solutions and light art installations.

The collaboration between Sommella and Anonima Luci gives rise to transversal projects that reflect different skills and aesthetic styles. Objects with an elegant expressive force in which the in-depth knowledge of light technology is combined with the purity and formal simplicity of the lines.

Example of a Glifo light by Penta, Designer European LED Lighting from light establishment NZ

Interested in GLIFO?

Click the link to fill out an order enquiry for our Penta designer lighting products. 

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