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Roger Pradier 25 year anti-corrosion warranty

The Roger Pradier® company commits itself to replace any faulty part that shows sign of corrosion in a period of 25 years from the date of acquisition by the final client, upon presentation of the purchase invoice.

The guarantee applies only to the aluminium part of Roger Pradier® products installed above ground in accordance with industry standards and with the original surface treatment being intact.
Exclusions: products that are scratched, scored, covered with silicone, cement, or any other material, or that have suffered collision or various chemical treatments. This guarantee also excludes any phenomenon that may modify the aspect of the covering over time, natural dirt, deposits of all types, etc…

The warranty requires the product(s) to be returned to the factory. No exchange prior to that return can be considered.

Roger Pradier® will only replace the damaged part and not the whole appliance; transport, dismantling and installation costs are excluded.

The Roger Pradier® company reserves the right to analyse or to have analysed, by any method of its choice, the damage caused by corrosion, in order to determine the reliability and the conditions of the said damage.

In any event, this guarantee does not apply to the various electrical components and accessories of the product.

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