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Beautiful and quiet. Sometimes silence is all we want to hear. In our modern world we are constantly surrounded by sound. It's no wonder that we sometimes long for silence. Wever & Ducré’s new soft collection provides atmospheric light and beautiful design accents, and also better acoustics.

Wever & Ducre logo, designer LED lighting from Belgium and sold throughout New Zealand by light establishment.
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Quiet and Cozy

Creating a pleasant acoustic environment is crucial not only in hotels, restaurants, and offices but also in our homes. SOLLI COCOON, MIRRO SOFT & TAPIS SOFT are all well-equipped to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

These new ranges stand out not only for their exceptional design but also for their outstanding acoustic properties, achieved through the use of the finest synthetic felt as the new acoustic variant.


Whether it's for your home, a shop counter, or a bar, these stylish lighting designs can help reduce disruptive ambient noise, allowing their beauty to shine through.


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Interested in SOFT ACOUSTICS?

We are also happy to take custom orders of Soft Acoustics lighting range from the Wever & Ducre collection.

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