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Exuding 1950s charm like no other, this little black lamp looks great in gold too. It should never miss a cocktail party.

Wever & Ducre logo, designer LED lighting from Belgium and sold throughout New Zealand by light establishment.

The Odrey range

ODREY not only looks stunning in any colour combination, but is also highly flexible in terms of the shape of the shade. There are up to 8 different shades to choose from, available in black or gold, that can be combined individually with the mounting. By the way, if you really want something unique, choose a mounting in a contrasting colour. 

You can choose between black or gold. But ODREY does not only cut a fine figure hanging from the ceiling, it is also a real eye-catcher on the wall: The light can be emitted either upwards, downwards, or in both directions which is especially lovely. Corridors or restaurant walls can thus be skilfully accentuated.

ODREY represents everything the 50s stand for: freedom, individually, elegance, charm and flexibility. It creates an amazing and unique atmosphere in both restaurants and private spaces.

About the designer

"A variety of individual arrangements and timeless elegant design - just a typical ODREY!"

Oliver Marsch, International Sales Director.

The Odrey looks just as fantastic in matte black as it does in shimmering gold. How does that work? Choose a mounting in your favourite colour and combine it with up to eight different shade forms. Looking for an eye-catcher for the wall? You can customise ODREY‘s shape with three elegant cuff shapes.

ODREY WALL was awarded the Good Design Award 2020.

Image of the Odrey range of LED lighting from Wever & Ducre, Belgium and sold exclusively through light establishment NZ.

Interested in ODREY?

We are also happy to take custom orders of Odrey lighting range  from the Wever & Ducre collection.

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