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You can learn new things from old ones. Here Wever & Ducre reference Jules Wabbes works in the J.J.W. collection of wall, ceiling and pendant lights. 

Wever & Ducre logo, designer LED lighting from Belgium and sold throughout New Zealand by light establishment.

The J.J.W. range

You can learn new things from old ones.

Jules Wabbes (1919–1974), who had a penchant for finding new ideas at flea markets, must have had the same thought. It’s no wonder people said that the Belgian architect and furniture designer had a unique eye for shapes and materials. And that is apparent in his countless designs, which still haven’t gone out of fashion even today. A primary example: The chandelier, developed in the 1970s, whose futuristic, floral form is as much at home in a modern bar as in a posh hotel lobby.

Image of the J.J.W. range of LED lighting from Wever & Ducre, Belgium and sold exclusively through light establishment NZ.

Interested in J.J.W?

We are also happy to take custom orders of J.J.W. lighting range  from the Wever & Ducre collection.

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