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For ADesignStudio, the Greenway Crackle is a natural extension of the Greenway and Eon collections.

ADesignStudio logo, designer Australian LED lighting exclusive to light establishment NZ


For ADesignStudio, the Greenway Crackle is a natural extension of the Greenway and Eon collections. The resulting design draws on Greenway’s system of lighting components referencing Australia’s historic maritime architecture and infuses it with prolific lighting designer, Richard Kelly’s three principles for lighting.

Greenway Crackle’s glass components are handblown into shapes like the “lantern room” of the Macquarie lighthouse, just as in the original Greenway Collection.  The system has been reappointed in ADesignStudio’s custom handblown crackle glass finish which was originally developed for the Eon Sans Collection.

In using the new finish, Greenway Crackle also becomes the embodiment of Richard Kelly’s three principles for ideal lighting conditions, just like the original Eon Collection. 

First, the metal piece which contains the light source as the “focal glow”. Second, the series of glazed nautical forms as a diffuser to create “ambient luminescence”. Third, the crackle finish adds a “play of brilliance”.

Through a process of evolution, the Greenway Crackle is a distinct new range of lighting.

The Greenway Crackle lighting system can be reconfigured into endless profiles. The collection is currently available in five pendant configurations including the S1 which is a distinctively reduced aesthetic.


The collection also includes a Crackle Table Lamp and the Crackle Wall Light in two sizes. The light source is a concealed warm LED, in most instances with dimmable control options.


About the designer

A Design Studio is an award-winning lighting design and manufacturing practice, led by Alex Fitzpatrick. The studio is based in Sydney, Australia, and distributes internationally.


The studio’s collections reveal a distinctly expressive approach to transforming space with light, using both traditional skills (glassblowing and metalworking) and contemporary lighting and manufacturing technologies, to find a perfect balance between the scientific and the poetic.

Image of the GREENWAY CRACKLE range of LED lighting from ADesignStudio, Australia and sold exclusively through light establishment NZ.


We are also happy to take custom orders of Greenway Crackle wall & pendant lights from the ADesign Studio collection.

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