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Can you capture the fleeting beauty of a dewdrop? You can. The thaw has set in. 

Wever & Ducre logo, designer LED lighting from Belgium and sold throughout New Zealand by light establishment.

The Dro range

The hydrophobic effect that lets water drip off or adhere to surfaces creates not merely round forms, but rather a variety of distinctive hanging, clinging and standing shapes. This is exactly what the concept of this biophilic design luminaire is based on. 

The concept of biophilia is being employed more and more often to create a natural or nature-oriented environment for us to live and work in.


Sounds too theoretical? Then just sit back and watch these shimmering glass forms that are available in smoky white and smoky grey unfold their atmospheric effect.


About the designers

13&9 Design's focus is on people, which is why the designers are always determined to create a meaningful connection between a product and its user.


As for MIRRO, a luminaire designed in collaboration with designer Sabrina Stadlober, this was achieved by incorporating a reflecting metallic surface element that resembles a mirror and creates a dynamic relationship between user, luminaire and light. 


Interested in DRO?

We are also happy to take custom orders of Dro lighting range  from the Wever & Ducre collection.

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