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Provocative and ornamental, the Crackle Vase exists within a fine line between strength and fragility.

ADesignStudio logo, designer Australian LED lighting exclusive to light establishment NZ


At first glance, ADesignStudio’s custom crackle glass finish appears as if it is already fractured and it is a wonder that it holds together at all. Embracing the tenuous nature of the material and finish the Crackle Vase is designed with curved base, as if defying gravity to maintain a delicate balance. Adding to the sense of intrigue, the collection is made at an impressive scale. The collection is available in four sizes, the largest pushes the absolute limitations of glass fabrication (available by request only).

The Crackle Vases are available for sale online in two crackle glass colourways – a classic clear and milky white alabaster.

As the vessel increases in scale, the glassblowing process becomes a feat of strength and the incredible skill of the hand that made it becomes more and more evident. The handblown process results in organic crackling in each artefact. No two pieces are the same.

The substantial artisanal qualities of the vase reject the rapid disposal of mass production, creating an enduring product with an intentionality toward sustainability. Considering an even broader lifecycle, the crackle vases are made from a single material which is both recycled and recyclable.

Provocative and ornamental, the Crackle Vase exists within a fine line between strength and fragility.


About the designer

A Design Studio is an award-winning lighting design and manufacturing practice, led by Alex Fitzpatrick. The studio is based in Sydney, Australia, and distributes internationally.


The studio’s collections reveal a distinctly expressive approach to transforming space with light, using both traditional skills (glassblowing and metalworking) and contemporary lighting and manufacturing technologies, to find a perfect balance between the scientific and the poetic.

Image of the CRACKLE range of glass vases from ADesignStudio, Australia and sold exclusively through light establishment NZ.

Interested in CRACKLE VASE?

We are also happy to take custom orders of Crackle glass vases from the ADesign Studio collection.

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