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Lamps inspired by the works of the sculptor Giacometti and achieved through the process of reduction to create a slim silhouette.

ADesignStudio logo, designer Australian LED lighting exclusive to light establishment NZ

The BASEL range

Launched in April 2019, the original Basel F1 Floor Lamp, designed by ADesignStudio’s founder director, Alex Fitzpatrick, was largely inspired by his love for the works of the late Swiss sculptor, Alberto Giacometti; famed for his slender yet powerful sculptures, achieved through the process of reduction to create a slim silhouette.

“Giacometti’s sculptures were raw representations of the human soul, and he represented that by whittling away the form, until it cut away into its most essential being,” says Fitzpatrick. “I feel the Basel F1 was minimised down into its most essential form, while still emitting a functional amount of light.”


About the designer

A Design Studio is an award-winning lighting design and manufacturing practice, led by Alex Fitzpatrick. The studio is based in Sydney, Australia, and distributes internationally.


The studio’s collections reveal a distinctly expressive approach to transforming space with light, using both traditional skills (glassblowing and metalworking) and contemporary lighting and manufacturing technologies, to find a perfect balance between the scientific and the poetic.

Image of the BASEL range of LED table lamps from ADesignStudio, Australia and sold exclusively through light establishment NZ.

Interested in BASEL lamps?

We are also happy to take custom orders of Basel lamps from the ADesign Studio collection.

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